Crafting a sustainable and luxurious packaging design experience for a new D2C brand in USA

Jaipur Living, the US entity of the famous Jaipur Rugs and a leader in rugs and social business in the USA, was launching a new D2C luxury brand called Enkay. Brand Enkay with its purpose of catalyzing social change by unleashing creativity, is set on the foundations of supporting artisans and community, using 100% natural materials, creating soulful & designer home goods, connecting artisans directly to the consumer.

Targeted at 35-65 yr old females in USA with high disposable incomes, each rug is made up of nearly a million knots, each tied by hand, resulting in a uniquely beautiful character. With its unique textures and classy colors the sustainable products are timeless and designed to last much like heirloom pieces.

While the product and its quality were liked by the customers the brand was looking for delivering experience and value through the packaging which is beyond product.

They were looking for a packaging solution that keeps the product intact and in good condition when it is delivered to the customers and also create a sustainable solution that gives a second life to the packaging.

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  • Packaging Design System
  • Samples & Production
2.Enkay Sketchbook_long
5. Enkay Swatch
7. Enkay size
8.Enkay Rotation
10. Enkay Zoom-shot
11. Enkay Zoom-shot2.jpg
12. Enkay extra use
13. Enkay pillows-with-pillow-bag
14. Enkay Pillow-bag