TGL Co. Instant Coffee

TGL Co. Instant Coffee

Making a new coffee challenger brand stand shoulder to shoulder with the legends

The Good Life Company (TGL Co.) TGL, one of the fastest growing hot beverages startups in India, known for their luxury teas, wanted to launch speciality coffees. They appointed us to design the structure and packaging for their instant coffee bottles.

Having worked with TGL Co. before, for their tea retail and luxury gift packs, we had unflinching trust in the brand. We knew that their product would be one of the best, if not the finest, in the market. We put this trust to test, a blind test at that, in our own office, where we pitted TGL coffees against the finest known coffees. Not so surprisingly, maximum people preferred TGL’s taste over any other coffee.

How do you provide a luxury tea experience at a mass competitive cost?

The exquisite TGL Co. teas were sourced from plantations in India and across the world and were blended with various spices and herbs under the controlled supervision of culinary experts and botanists in Europe. This fine experience had to be translated into a luxurious packaging experience for the brand's new tea bags packaging. The brand wanted to stay true to its Indian roots along with having a global design perspective.

TGL sources their coffee from the finest plantations from South India, we wanted to keep this story of ‘India for the world’ as our base of structure design and took inspiration from the traditional filter coffee maker found in south Indian homes. Combined with the classic shape of the Italian stovetop moka pot, this gave us a unique contemporary structure flexible enough to be adapted in different sizes.

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